On Monday, May 18th, members of the Bronx Brigade, Local 79, and GNY-LECET joined together to distribute food to working class families in the South Bronx.

Prior to the Covid-19 crisis, the Bronx faced drastic income inequality, housing insecurity, and poor health conditions (such as high asthma rates). The Bronx cannot continue to be cast aside. The Bronx, with large populations of low income workers, has been hit hard with high infection rates. The Bronx’s working class continues to show up to essential workplaces, and support the rest of New York City during this time of need, but it is paying a price.

We cannot hope for or expect change without a reevaluation of citywide programs, and a push for citywide reforms in working conditions. We need wider access to healthcare and the quality, safe jobs. We will continue to push for reforms now, as we also work to support our South Bronx communities by doing whatever we can.

Our Bronx Brigade members are proud to give back to their own communities in difficult times.